In the field of new energy and new materials, in 2017, Xi'an Gold-In Membrane Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established under the control of Shaanxi Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. The company, relying on the team of Professor Wang Lei of Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology Shaanxi Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute, has conducted in-depth research in the direction of salt lake rare resource recycling in recent years. Especially in the extraction of lithium resources, a key breakthrough has been made. Based on the self-developed solid-phase ion binding technology (SPIB) and adhering to the concept of "One Lake, One Material, and One Lake, One Process", a series of high-performance adsorption materials have been developed.
In the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, in 2012, based on a series of technological inventions developed by Professor Wang Lei's team for the preparation of high-performance anti-pollution PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration/microfiltration membranes, Suzhou DOYUM Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and an annual production line of 3 million square meters of hollow fiber ultrafiltration/microfiltration membranes was constructed, achieving complete production of membrane components. The company mainly engages in the field of environmental protection, and is applied in sewage regeneration In the engineering of water supply treatment and industrial circulating water treatment, the annual output value is nearly 100 million RMB.
China's blood dialyzer market is the fastest-growing market in the world, with domestic brands accounting for only about 10% of the market share. Only 1-2 million kidney disease patients in China have a demand for dialyzers of 200 million units per year. Due to the reason of high price of foreign dialyzers, only about 15% of patients receiving treatment.
Focusing on enterprise funds in the start-up, growth and expansion stages, and provide demonstration of a new model of integrated university achievement transformation in the early, middle and later stages. Intended to accelerate the transformation and industrialization of technological achievements through the integration of excellent technological achievements with the capital market