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Job Responsibility:

(1) Participate in the review of major mine designs, be responsible for compiling monthly, annual, and mining progress plans, as well as 3-5 year mining plans, and supervise the implementation of the plans;

(2) Responsible for the management of mining production continuity and mining systems, and organizing the design review of ore development plans;

(3) Coordination, management, research, and inspection control of mining projects;

(4) Participate in the preparation of mining and excavation plans, organize the design review and completion acceptance of new, renovation, and expansion projects of the company;



(1) Bachelor's degree or above in mining engineering related majors;

(2) Capable of mining area planning, mining design, rock control technology, and engineering design;

(3) Proficient in using Minesight, Surpac, Micromine, Dimine or other 3D software (at least one type), as well as CAD software;

(4) Having good expression, coordination, and organizational skills;

(5) Having a certain level of language proficiency (in English);

(6) Healthy and capable of working in overseas geological exploration and mining production sites.

Job Responsibility:

(1) Develop daily beneficiation experimental plans, implement and track beneficiation work plans;

(2) Guide the installation and debugging of mineral processing equipment;

(3) Arrange mineral processing experiments, formulate experimental plans based on the experimental objectives, and implement them according to the plan;

(4) Timely and accurately report work progress and other related matters to superiors.


(1) Bachelor's degree or above in ore processing, mining or related majors;

(2) Familiar with mineral process, equipment, device installation, and testing process;

(3) Having certain mineral processing work experience (geology, mining, mineral processing majors), with experience in non-ferrous metal mines is preferred;

(4) Good communication and expression skills, with a certain level of language proficiency (English);

(5) Healthy and capable of working in overseas geological exploration and mining production sites.

Job Responsibility:

(1) Responsible for field geological mapping, trenching, sampling, and core compilation;

(2) Responsible for collecting geological and rock mass structure information;

(3) Responsible for organizing, interpreting, and synthesizing geological data;

(4) Participate in the evaluation of regional conceptual models and the delineation of new prospecting targets;

(5) Assist in preparing exploration plans, drilling designs, and exploration reports;

(6) Responsible for geological work in metal mines, conducting statistical work on identifying and retaining geological resources, and providing resource basis for long-term development planning and short-term production;

(7) Responsible for providing technical guidance on the job site, timely conducting geological sampling and geological logging, and mapping, calculating loss and dilution rate indicators;

(8) Responsible for geological logging and sampling work;

(9) Develop geological technology management standards, guide and supervise geological personnel to carry out production geological control work in accordance with geological technology management standards, and provide accurate geological data for metal mining.


(1) Bachelor's degree or above in solid mineral exploration, geology or related majors;

(2) Solid mineral exploration experience is preferred, familiar with trenching, well exploration, pit exploration, drilling and other Geoprofessions#Geological engineering cataloging work;

(3) Capable of geological exploration design and report preparation;

(4) Having a certain understanding of geological exploration related majors such as geophysical and Geochemical exploration;

(5) Proficient in operating geological exploration software such as Mapgis and CAD, familiar with 3D modeling software;

(6) Having a certain level of language proficiency (in English);

(7) Healthy and capable of working in overseas geological exploration and mining production sites.

Job Responsibility:

1) Responsible for drafting the company's annual work summary and departmental written work;

(2) Responsible for organizing the company's board of directors, general manager office meetings, and special meetings;

(3) Assist the manager in handling daily written work and Spanish document translation work;

(4) Edit and organize relevant Spanish policy materials, translate them into Chinese for leaders to refer to;

(5) Responsible for interpreting Spanish for the company and assisting in overseas business translation;

(6) Assist in handling administrative affairs and other temporary tasks within the department;

(7) Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.


(1) Bachelor's degree or above, majoring in Spanish or holding a Spanish translation qualification certificate;

(2) Capable of interpreting in Spanish, with experience in Spanish interpreting being a priority;

(3) Strong writing skills, proficient in official document writing;

(4) Possess strong Spanish translation skills, coordination and communication skills, strong oral expression skills, ability to write official documents and reports, and proficient in using computer office software.

Job Responsibility:

(1) Carry out leadership reception, guest reception, and visit registration in accordance with regulations and requirements;

(2) Unified sending and receiving of postal parcels by various departments;

(3) Manage printers throughout the company;

(4) Assist department leaders in managing conference rooms and daily office supplies;

(5) Complete other tasks assigned by the leader temporarily.


(1) Bachelor's degree or above, fresh graduates are sufficient;

(2) Having a height of over 165cm, a civilized and generous demeanor, and a strong affinity;

(3) Work diligently and responsibly, with strong execution ability, a sense of responsibility, and good communication skills;

(4) Have a good sense of service and teamwork spirit.