Xi'an Boshuo Investment Management Partnership (Limited partnership) was established by Shaanxi Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute and natural person investment. Relying on the resource advantages of the key incubation projects of the Research Institute, the brand of the Research Institute, and the advantages of resources at home and abroad, it integrates the advantageous resources of well-known universities, research institutes, and enterprises, provides investment and financing services to enterprises settled in the Research Institute, assists enterprises in entering the capital market, and realizes fund exit and good returns at the same time.

The fund is mainly invested in energy conservation and environmental protection, bio-medicine, valuable Recycling in waste, new energy and other membrane industry related fields, focusing on the projects incubated by Shaanxi Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute, the expansion of lithium production in salt lakes, and the large-scale production of new potash fertilizer production processes, giving play to the demonstration effect and amplification role of the government guidance fund, and cultivating a batch of energy conservation and environmental protection, medical devices Valuable Recycling, new energy and other strategic emerging industries in waste, create social benefits, expand fund management scale, provide financial support for the development of Membrane Research Institute Co., Ltd., commit to developing into an excellent equity investment fund, and create maximum benefits for investors. The fund has a scale of 10 million yuan and is managed by Shaanxi Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the research institute.

Main business of the company includes:

Angel Investment: providing professional equity investment services for early-stage incubated enterprises, and invest a small amount of funds, and provide services and suggestions for operation and management and financial standards for enterprises;

Venture capital: providing equity funds for early to mid stage startup enterprises, help them develop and grow, and provide value-added services such as post investment management and operational management for invested enterprises;

Industrial investment: To bridge the gap between enterprises and connect with industrial social capital, and assist in connecting with customized services for industrial resources and professional technologies in specific fields.

February, 2018, Funding company was established

Xi'an Boshu Investment Management Partnership (Limited partnership) was established.

February 2019, the Fund was successfully registered. 

Boshuo Fund Management Company was successfully filed, as an indispensable part of the Shaanxi university team innovation and entrepreneurship model, Boshuo will play an important role in the transformation of scientific research achievements.

August 2019, Issuance of special fund(Phase 1)

Boshuo Fund Management has successfully issued the first phase of potash fertilizer special investment fund —— "Membrane Power Source", with a raised scale of 50 million yuan.

Fund Product 1:Xian Membrane Power Source Development and Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership).

Invested Project:Xi'an Membrane Science & Technology Juli Salt Chemical Partnership (Limited Partnership);

Investment Direction:Mainly invested in Qinghai region potash fertilizer resources and lithium carbonate resources development and other related fields;

July 2021, issuance of special funds (Phase 2)

The second phase of special investment fund —— "Rudong Gold", the raised scale of 71.1 million yuan.

Fund Product 2Rdong Gold Technology Equity Investment Fund Partnership (limited partnership)

Invest Project: Xi'An Gold-In Membrane Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd

Investment Direction:Mainly invested in battery level and industrial grade lithium carbonate resources development and other related fields.