Wang Lei

Shaanxi Provincial Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute,President

Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Membrane Separation, Director

Shaanxi Provincial Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd,Chairman

Dean’s Message

After more then 10 years’ course of trails and hardship, our membrane separation  technology research team has made continuous leap from a researching institute to an industrialization-operator by cooperating with strategic partners from home and abroad, and then to the upcoming landing in the capital market. With constantly expediting pace of development, we are depicting a beautiful picture describing the remarkable achievements we have created by experiencing the growing from nothing and from small to large. These historic changes have a significant and profound impact on the development of the institute. A number of internationally-leading and core-competitive technologies for Lithium extraction from salt lakes independently developed by us have achieved large-scale production. These achievements have a broad application value, which have greatly shorten the technical process, significantly reduced production costs, filling the gap in such technologies at home and abroad. Faced with new situations, opportunities, and challenges, our pace of technological innovation has never suspended. We will continue to adhere to the dual-track driving development strategy of research and transformation. We will continue to unite as one and take the development of membrane materials as the core and industrialization & engineering application of membrane separation technology as focus to provide mature technology, products and engineering technology services to society. We will promote the development of new energy with membrane technology and advance the transformation of green production with our speciality to make contribute high-quality green energy and technological services to the world!