Research on urban and industrial sewage treatment and recycling, and the recycling of valuable resources in waste.

01.Development and Application of Flowing Electrode Adsorption Technology

Continuous and green electrochemical adsorption electrode material development, structure design and module development and its application in Recycling

02.Urban and industrial sewage treatment and recycling

03.Extraction of rare metals in solid waste

To develop a lithium extraction technology suitable for different ores and solid waste

04.Recycling of precious and rare metals in brine

Develop efficient ion selective adsorbents and lithium and potassium extraction technologies for different brine water quality characteristics;

05.Efficient microbial oil sludge biological treatment and harmless technology

Equipped with efficient treatment agent, the sludge is harmless with green environmental protection treatment technology

06.Development and preparation of the membrane materials

Target material highly selective membrane material and separation technology development