A new mode of achievement transformation of university research team was proposed by Professor Wang Lei, which is "Research Institute +Company + Seed Funding", based on his long-term experience in basic research, technology development and application promotion, combined with the experience and thinking of team achievement transformation.


Shaanxi Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute, relying on the advantage disciplines of XAUAT and Professor Wang Lei's researching team, is a comprehensive research and development institute in the field of membrane separation. The research institute consists of Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory for Membrane Separation and Shaanxi Provincial Industrial Innovation Center, mainly focusing on key issues and major common technical difficulties in current membrane material science and membrane separation technology. It conducts basic scientific research and technological development in the fields of new energy and new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, and medical devices, and provides technical support for industrialization and engineering applications in the field of development finance.


Shaanxi Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd is established and initiated by the innovation team and other stakeholders including Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology Asset Management Co., Ltd. (representing the school to invest in intangible assets), Shaanxi Kekong Rongtong Assisted Entrepreneurship Investment Management Partnership Enterprise (Cash investment representing government industry funds), Hangzhou Yanta Investment Management Partnership (limited partnership) (social resources investors in cash), etc., and it is an independent legal person company with the guidance of science and technology demand, research and development, transformation and incubation of membrane separation industrial technology, and leading the development of enterprises with high and new technology. Professor Wang Lei, the team leader, holds the company (patented technology pricing and cash subscription) on behalf of the team, mainly promoting the application, transformation, transfer and incubation of the research results, and feedback the key technical problems formed in the practical application and transformation process to the institute for further research.

Seed fund is a professional private equity fund company incubated and managed by a limited company. The company will actively cooperate with large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises to expand the fund management scale and provide financial support for the development of Shaanxi Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd, focusing on the research project incubation, salt lake/ore lithium extraction expansion, and large-scale production of new potash fertilizer production processes and other fields.