Leaders of YunNeng Capital Company and YunNeng Chemical Company visited our institute
Date:2023-08-03    Author:    Source:    hit:418

On March 15, Li Xiang, chairman of Yunnan Neng Investment Co., LTD., and Xing Aimin, chairman of Yunnan Neng Investment Chemical Co., LTD., visited our Institute and conducted exchanges on the operation of the research institute and incubation company, mineral resource development, technology research and development and industrialization, and industry prospects. Shaanxi Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute Co., LTD., Xi 'an Jinzang Membrane Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD. Chairman Wang Lei, vice chairman Dai Di and members of the leadership team accompanied the inspection.


Wang Lei led the leaders of Yunneng Capital Company and Yunneng Chemical Company to visit the science and technology achievements exhibition hall of our Institute, and made a detailed introduction on platform construction, core technology research, achievement transfer and industrialization, resource layout, asset operation and other aspects of our institute, and also focused on enterprise management, technology research and development, talent introduction and so on. Li Xiang and Xing Aimin fully affirmed the achievements made by the Institute.


At the symposium, Wang Lei first introduced the basic situation, project development, production and operation, resource layout and strategic planning of Jinzang Film Company, a subsidiary of Shaanxi Film Separation Technology Research Institute Co., LTD. Li Xiang and Xing Aimin said that Jinzang Film Company will have great potential in the development and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, and the two sides have strong complementarity and extensive cooperation space.



This cooperation and exchange has laid a solid foundation for the future to give full play to the advantages of both sides, further expand in-depth cooperation in various fields, explore innovative cooperation models in various aspects, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation and coordinated development of enterprises.