National Key R&D Program Project Seminar and Topic: Progress Report on Deep Brine Mining Demonstration Project Held in Xi'an
Date:2023-06-25    Author:    Source:    hit:611

The seminar of the National Key Research And Development Program with the topic of  "Strategic Mineral Resources Development And Utilization" and progress report meeting of Research and Engineering Demonstration on Optimal and Fast Drilling and Enhanced Mining Technology for Deep Brine in Salt Lakes project was held in the conference room of Xi'an Gold-In Membrane Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. in June 21st, 2023.

The Seminar was presided over by the project leader, Professor Wang Lei, and attended by Pan Tong, the Chief Engineer of Bureau of Geological Exploration & Development of Qinghai Province, Guo Tingfeng, the Head of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology Division, Wang Bingzhang, President of Qinghai Geological Survey Institute, Qin Jianqiang, the Deputy General Manager and Fu Deliang, the Deputy Director of the Research Office of Shaanxi Coalfield Geology Group Co., Ltd., Liu Wenge, General Manager and Wang Yongjun, the Chief Engineer of Shaanxi 139 Geology& Hydrogeology Co., Ltd, as well as the key members of the Project from Xian Gold-In Membrane Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd.


Professor Wang Lei, President of Shaanxi Membrane Separation Technology Institute and Chairman of Xian Gold-In Membrane Environmental Protection Separation Technology Co., Ltd., met with Pan Tong, the Chief Engineer of Bureau of Geological Exploration & Development of Qinghai Province, and welcomed the visit of him and his delegation. The delegation visited the exhibition hall of the research institute's scientific and technological achievements, and Wang Lei introduced the platform construction, operation mode, scientific research awards, core technology research, and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of the Institute. Meanwhile, Professor Wang Lei especially introduced the technology research and development, industrialization projects, and resource layout of Gold-In company. Mr.Pan Tong Pan Tong highly praised and fully affirmed the achievements made in various aspects the Institute.



Wang Lei reported the progress of the project implementation from four aspects: project objectives, tasks, completion status, main progress and achievements, project fund utilization, and next stage work plan. Fu Deliang reported the construction of the production material demonstration project for the project he was responsible for, and Wang Lei, on behalf of the project team, gave full recognition to the progress of various tasks.



During exchange and discussion, Pan Tong and Qin Jianqiang proposed some reasonable suggestions for the next step of the work of the subject, strengthening the supports from all aspects, and expect that in the later stage, a viable research and development team with the membrane separation technology innovation team around the field of new energy and new materials could be built jointly, which is , by the guidance of the national resource policy, taking the "the Belt and Road" initiative as an opportunity, and with the spirit of "great country responsibility", to seek for joint development and cooperation in resource development, mining, extraction and other aspects.