Shaanxi News:What is exactly QINCHUANGYUAN?
Date:2023-08-01    Author:    Source:    hit:406

General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that accelerating technological innovation is the need to promote high-quality development, to achieve a high-quality life for the people, to build a new pattern of development, and to successfully embark on a new journey to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way. In the beginning of the 14th Five Year Plan, Shaanxi Province launched the construction of the Qin Chuang Yuan Innovation-driven Platform, focusing on the three major aims of three-dimensional linkage "Incubator", "Accelerator" for achievement transformation, and "Promoter" for two chain integration. It aims to drive high-quality development through innovation, accelerate the construction of a platform for the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and accelerate the transformation of innovation advantages into Shaanxi's development advantages.

QIN: The stubborn entrepreneurial spirit of the “Lao Qin Ren”;

CHUANG: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creation, Make Excellence;

YUAN: To trace the source of research, and build an innovation-driven highland.